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Upcoming Events

Boundaries: Applying Personal Safety Techniques

Saturday, August 19th
2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
SARA – 3034 Brambleton Ave. SW
Roanoke, VA 24015

Contact us at 540-580-7409 to pre-register for this workshop. Space is limited, so register soon!

Demonstrating and enforcing boundaries is the first line of defense against predatory behavior. Verbal resistance has proven to be effective in actual assault situations as well. This two hour class covers the basics of body language, verbal communication, situational awareness, addressing panhandlers, street harassment, aggressive vendors, moving under stress, escalating resistance–And the Ten Principles of Safer Living.

Participants will learn:
-How to tell the difference between socially awkward behavior and predatory behavior.
-How to comfortably respond to panhandlers, cat callers, and aggressive sales-people.
-How to use verbal commands, eye contact, and body language to stop people in their tracks.
-Footwork to keep from stumbling when moving quickly in a stressful situation.
-How to process escalating or uncomfortable situations using the “What if…” game.

These skills are particularly valuable for teens and young adults. Open to teens and women, age 13 and up. Please come by and learn that you CAN take charge if you need to.