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FY18 Budget


The following information is taken directly from a Facebook post from The Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance. We give them full credit for their advocacy! See the original Facebook post here. We have copied the information below for you. Please take a few moments today for #TakeActionTuesday!

Budget Cuts

The Trump Administration released the framework for the President’s proposed FY 18 budget. The framework, called the “skinny budget” is short on specifics. More details are expected in May.
Here’s what we know at this time:
–Proposes topline funding cuts to non-defense discretionary programs.
–Calls for a 4% decrease in U.S. Department of Justice Funding.
–Calls for a 18% decrease in U.S. Department of Health & Human Services funding.
–The budget references the VOCA/Crime Victim’s Fund but does not provide any details regarding plans for the fund.
–Proposes to eliminate programs that help victims achieve safety and stability, such as the Legal Services Corporation, the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), the HOME affordable housing program, and the Community Development Block Grants that fund shelter, housing, economic opportunities and supportive services in communities across the nation.
–Reduces funding for the important Women’s, Infants, and Children Food and Nutrition Service (WIC) program, and would eliminate the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness which has brought federal agencies together to address the strong connection between domestic violence and homelessness.
Without full details, our national colleagues are projecting that the cuts to DOJ and DHHS funding would most likely be taken across the board and could impact VAWA and FVPSA.

Welcomed News

Despite early rumors that the budget would call for the elimination of VAWA, this budget does not make that recommendation. Thanks for all your advocacy in response to this threat–for now, it looks like it worked!
The National Network to End Domestic Violence released a statement, outlining the potential impact on #VAWA and #FVPSA and other key program upon which victims rely. We encourage you to read their statement here.

What’s Next

Congress now takes the budget reigns. It is unlikely that Congress would follow the President’s budget exactly but we know that there will be increased pressures on the budget that could result in funding cuts for #VAWA and #FVPSA.

What You Can Do

This is a critical time for us to weigh in on the needs of survivors.

Social Media: We encourage you to Facebook and tweet concerns about the budget. See suggested tweets below.

  • #SkinnyBudget cuts mean fewer services & resources for survivors #BeAVoice #endDV
  • @WhiteHouse #SkinnyBudget cuts @HHS by 18 percent, threaten survivor safety & security #BeAVoice #endDV
  • @WhiteHouse #SkinnyBudget cuts @DOJ 4 percent, threaten survivor safety & security #BeAVoice #endDV
  • With $___ cuts to (XYZ funding) the #SkinnyBudget will hurt survivors. @WhiteHouse please prioritize survivors #BeAVoice #endDV
  • The #SkinnyBudget will decrease the amount of DV & SA survivors served #endDV #BeAVoice
  • #SkinnyBudget cuts means more survivors might face homelessness or lack of services #endDV
  • @WhiteHouse please consider the impact the #SkinnyBudget will have on survivors of DV & SA #endDV
  • The funding cuts proposed by the #SkinnyBudget will harm survivors, their families, and their communities #endDV

In-District Visits: Schedule a meeting to visit with your Member of Congress in April to talk about the importance of #VAWA and #FVPSA. They are home from DC in-district the week of April 10-21st. Visit a Member near you.

Find your Member of Congress here: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

If you have questions, please contact Action Alliance Policy Director, Kristine Hall, at khall@vsdvalliance.org or 804-377-0335.